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One day Workshop
For Students of 9th & 11th Standards- Mobile, Facebook, Texting, Chatting, Love, Sex, Drugs, Desire, Dreams, Life and More…

Creating an awareness about what is required and what is not… the impact and the future of present actions


Interactive and participatory with cases, role plays and demos
Separate sessions for boys and girls - Two sessions, one for each on a same day or One day for each gender which will allow time for lot of activities and role plays…


(Content will be designed as per the needs of the students and may vary depending up on the students age and the place of education. More or less these topics will be covered)
A day in students life - Interests – Skills – Talents – Facebook - Computer Games - Mobile Applications - Meeting Strangers – Virtual / Real Time – Partying – Drugs – Alcohol – Cigarette- Addictions -Self Harm -Cyber Bullying  - Abuse – Verbal, Physical, Emotional and Sexual – Gossips – Rumors –Comparison – Eating - Body Size - Pleasure talks / Hot Chats - Dirty Talks – Dreams- Men and Physical Attraction - Women and Emotional Needs - Sibling Support - Same sex rivalry - Gender Respect - Family System -Relationships with Mother, Dad, Sister and Brother - Good talk and bad talk - Managing Teasing - Managing Proposals - TV Serials- Special Classes – Tuitions -Groupies / Gangs -Fan Clubs -Hero Worship -Role Models –Menstruation – Ego- Art of Ignoring - Skill Development – Masturbation - Being Occupied and Connected - Thrills and Dangers - Intercourse – The need and the time - Hormonal Changes -STD’s and AIDS -Pace and Life - Things on a long term perspective – Relationships – Friendships - Opposite Sex Attraction - Crush, Infatuation, Love, and Romance  - LGBT and FWB- Texting and Chatting -Sex Videos - Sex  - Attention Seeking Behaviors – Pleasure Seeking Behaviors - Life Phases  - College Life - Working Life - Marriage Life – Cinema – Songs - Fair Skin- Personality Development  - Stress Management -Skill development - Good Touch Bad Touch- Black mailing - Handling Situations - Love Proposals – Blackmailing – Loneliness - Suicidal Intentions -Desire to Seek Pleasure -Craze for bikes / cars/ money

  • Students will learn about the realities of life
  • Students will understand the impact of things they do now
  • Real life cases to understand things in a better perspective
  • Content will be delivered in more student friendly and practical way
  Time: Six hours with two short breaks and a lunch. Three Hours for each gender (or can conduct this program for two days and one day for each gender with activities and role plays)  
  Strength: Not more than 120 students from 9th and 11th standards (gender specific)
One session / day for boys and another for girls separately
  Language: English and Tamil (as required)  
  Charges: Rs. 10,000/- per day (six hours - three hours for boys and three hours for girls)
Rs. 16,000/- for two days (one day for boys and one day for girls)
  Trainer: Dr. B. Imtiyaaz (  
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